Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do to help the environment?


At Enviro Healthcare we do everything to make sure that we are always thinking green. Whether it's our recycling program for our soiled linen bags or our low carbon footprint, all that matters is that we keep the environment healthy while constantly improving our products.



Are your products made in Canada?


All of our soiled linen bags are made in Canada, keeping jobs in Canada and maintaining the lowest carbon footprint possible.



Does the dispenser / hamper come with the products?


For the soiled linen bags we provide 1 complimentary hamper for every 20 cases of bags ordered and specific information is available on contract volumes.



How long does delivery take?


Our products can be shipped from our manufacturing facility to anywhere in Canada on 3 weeks notice.



Is your product recyclable or bio degradable?


We are corporately responsible for the manufacturing, pick up and recycling of all soiled linen bags manufactured in our facility. Our recycling program is a complete a closed loop system as the recycled product is made in to other consumer products.

Governments encourage recycle & reuse solutions that keep product from entering a landfill site rather than bio degrable.